A Year In Mission

Throughout 2023, First Christian Church Vallejo has stepped up and kept Mission donations top of mind all year! Approximately 10% of the annual budget is devoted to mission action alone! In the last year we have sent $225.00 per month to the following organizations working locally and globally on disaster relief, peace, education, and social justice issues.

*Amnesty International - Global - January
*Week of Compassion - Global - February
*Jewish Family Community Services - East Bay Area - March
*Pentecost Offering - Nationwide - April
*NAMI (National Alliance Mental Illness) - Solano County - May
*Solano Pride Center - Solano County - June
*Watch Me Grow - Vallejo - July
*Relay for Life - Nationwide - August
*Maui Food Bank - Hawaii - September
*Reconciliation Offering - Nationwide - October
*Americares - Global - November
*Vallejo Together - Vallejo - December

On top of the monthly Mission donation, as a congregation we have given $1500 in dues to Common Ground and $4800 to the Disciples Mission Fund for the regional church. Untold amounts of dollars, time, and sweat have been spent in the Garden. We donated food and goods to Amador Street Hope Center, Vallejo Peace Project, and Faith Food Fridays, and we fill our Peace Pantry weekly. We partnered with Vallejo Together to provide showers, clothing, and food to the unhoused. This December we collected a basket & box full of items to help keep the unhoused warm and dry!

In total, we have given well over $10,000 worth of money, time, goods, and helping hands.

I am in awe of the work that we do in our church, and am continually proud to be a member of such a loving community of people. Thank you to all of you and let’s go into the new year with the same drive for giving that we had last year!

-Allison Mezzera, Mission Action Coordinator

Winter Collection / December Gift

 In December the Monthly Mission Action donation will be sent to Vallejo Together to help their work thrive! If you would like to make an additional donation you can go to www.vallejotogether.org

Also, beginning on 12/3/23 and throughout the Season we will be starting our winter collection. While speaking with Vallejo Peace Project and Vallejo Together, they specified some items that get overlooked during the cold, rainy, winter months. The following items will be given to Vallejo Together for distribution at the encampments:

-Mittens / gloves/ Hats - All sizes and youth, weather resistant, new or slightly used
-Hand-Feet warmers - “Hot Hands”, etc
-Small collapsible umbrellas
-Rain boot covers - that could fit over shoes
-Moving blankets - Weather resistance. Minimum size 72” x 40”
Fights cold/rain better than household blankets!
-Tarps - Weather resistant, All Purpose. Sample sizes 9’ x 11’, 11’ x 15

Here is an Amazon list with some ideas, but you can find many of these items at Harbor Freight Tools, Lowes, Target, etc.

Please bring items to church through 12/31/23 or contact me for pick up. Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Thanksgiving Offering

For 129 years, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has made a commitment to nurturing and supporting higher education through the general ministry of HELM (Higher Education & Leadership Ministries), formerly the Division of Higher Education. Through relationships with the 15 Colleges/Universities and 7 Seminaries/Divinity Houses connected to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), HELM is able to continue its mission of developing and nurturing Christian leaders who are transforming church, society and world.

This November 12th and 19th, the Church dedicates this special Offering to support these institutions. The collection goes straight to the institutions and enables them to offer scholarships, expand programs, and offer assistance through faith-based services. Support through this annual offering is a critical part of our ongoing collaborative work between the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and higher education.

Please consider a generous donation as we come together to help make a difference in the lives of thousands of students, giving them a strong foundation to build upon as they prepare to go out and do great things in the world. Be sure to mark your check memo line with "Thanksgiving Offering" or make a special donation thru the Tithely account.

Common Ground Update

Reflections: You’ve probably read about / seen on TV / heard on the news / been told something about the emergency declaration affirmed by the Vallejo City Council in response to severe shortage of police officers in Vallejo. Common Ground Safety team spoke at that meeting from words written by Tazamisha Alexander and presented by Renee Sykes. Here is the text:

As citizens of Vallejo, we understand the need for more personnel in the police department. Looking at the current number of police officers Vallejo has; it would seem it’s extremely difficult to maintain a sense of safety and security in this city. We understand the need for a short-term solution to deal with this critical issue but our concern that we create a long term solution.        

This current short-term order deals with the here and now but does not address what actions will be taken to increase the staffing numbers. It also does not address the fact that we have not started the process of finding a permanent police chief. It has been seven months since our last police chief resigned. Since then, we have seen some of the policies he introduced removed, but no movement on the hiring of a permanent chief.

It is in the Council’s best interest to start the process of seeking a permanent Chief and find a solution to this public safety crisis, something you were made aware of months ago. Without new leadership or true direction is it any wonder why the public has no trust in what is occurring in VPD; new officers are slowly being hired by the city, but some of the current ones are looking to go elsewhere.
As a city, we must do better. Our lives depend on it. Thank you. 

The biggest challenge for all of us is to stay focused not on what has been done or isn’t being done but for all sides to work together to create the kind of partnerships that actually can and will move us personally and community-wise forward. We are committed to our Common Ground mission to do just that.


Ok – now for some commercials for Common Ground!

August 2nd – Midsummer Evening 6:00 – 7:30pm – connecting, conversing and comestibles (food!!!!)

August 9th - Summer Training Series, “The Organized Meeting", at which we'll learn how to run an effective meeting in less than an hour. This session will take place from 6:30–8:00 pm at the SEIU 1021 Union Hall (2300 Boynton Ave #200 in Fairfield).

For more information please contact Allison, Carl or Glenda – or check the Common Ground Vallejo Calendar - htps://www.commongroundiaf.org/calendar.

Mission Action Gifts

 June is Pride Month and we have decided to support a local LGBTQ+ organization for our June Mission Action donation. The Solano Pride Center has been working since 1988 to ensure that the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, and Intersex individuals have a network of resources and educational tools to meet their needs. Over the years Solano Pride Center offers a variety of community building and recreational activities, including free mental health counseling, an information and referral hotline, and weekly support groups for women, men, and youth. If you want to volunteer, or make your own donation to Solano Pride go to https://www.solanopride.org/get_involved

During Summertime with school out, there are many youth who need daycare, or activities, to keep them busy while their parents are working. For July, we will be donating the Mission Action gift to Watch Me Grow - a resource and childcare center in Solano County. The mission of Watch Grow Inc. is to strengthen families in Solano County, by providing quality childcare while partnering up with different organizations to build a bridge between the resources and families in need. They support parents to connect them with the proper resources and services, such as job placement, childcare alternative payment, rental assistance, mental health, and trauma services.

They have a free summer youth program "Ignite The Spark" which aims to ignite the natural curiosity, interest, and talents within youth, providing them with opportunities to explore and develop their potential in various areas such as academics, arts, sports, and personal growth. It signifies the goal of sparking excitement and motivation within the participants, igniting a desire for continuous learning and improvement. For more information or to give to Watch Me Grow directly, go to https://watchmegrowinc.com/

A Mission Action Opportunity

If you attended the last Global Holiday Faire (our 25th), you may recall the jars of homemade preserved "goodies" on the baked goods table. Fifty jars were donated by a member of Community Presbyterian Church. Those jars of preserved veggies and jams went so fast.  When we learned that the preserved food items are usually sold to their church members with the proceeds going to various charities, we couldn't help being impressed, thinking of what a wonderful ministry one church member has taken on. It is a project we would like to see us support by contributing our used glass jars for her ministry - we know that she would appreciate donations of jars to use for this ongoing project.

You will see a box at the back of the sanctuary marked JARS. Please consider donating your glass (only) jars with lids (they can't be dented); medium or large size jars would especially be helpful. Please, no jars without lids. You don't need to remove whatever labels are on them unless you want to. But do make sure they are washed and clean. Just place them in the big box and when it is full, they will be delivered.

It feels right to support another church's out-reach ministry. And it is such an easy one to support as we all buy food that come in jars. Just remember, clean glass only jars with tight fitting lids. Please consider donating to this inspiring project.