March Mission Gift

You may have heard Rev. Nikki mention her work with an organization named “Project Sanctuary”. Project Sanctuary is an organization that assists Veterans and their families with mental health care. Per their website,, Project Sanctuary was founded on the principle that when one person serves, the whole family serves, and the best way to support the troops is to create an organization that supports the entire family. Through their professional staff of counselors, social workers and recreation therapists we are one of the only organizations that supports not just the veteran, but the whole family, including caregivers, to create multi generational change toward positive healthy habits for at-risk military families.

Project Sanctuary hosts therapeutic retreats in five states across the country that are staffed and designed by Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists, licensed counselors, and social workers. Retreats are open to active-duty service members, retirees, veterans, Reserve and Guard families (currently serving or past service) from all branches of the military (including Coast Guard) and all eras. The retreats and classes are designed for families / couples to come together and gain tools and resources in three key areas: Relationship Reconnection, Family Communication, and navigating mental wellbeing.

We are glad to support this wonderful work with our March Mission Action Donation. If you would like more info or know any Veterans/Families that might need some care, you can go to, or reach out to Rev. Nikki! She would be happy to discuss more with you!


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