Dinner and fashion show a success

The Building Bridges to Nairobi fashion show and dinner on February 26th was an uplifting event, as three churches came together to help kids living halfway around the world. Pastor Judith opened with a beautiful invocation that set the tone for the evening. Then the large crowd in attendance sat down to eat a delicious meal together and watch as models showed off the clothing made by hand by the beneficiaries of the Nairobi Street-Children Project. Before and after dinner, patrons explored the tables of items for sale - everything from shirts, dresses, and jewelry to nuts, coffee and tea. The meal was courtesy of Cattie McCarver and her daughter Kathryn Parker and son Donnie Parker, all of Liberty Baptist. The members of the youth group of Holy Family Parish - who were professional in their serving duties and colorful in their modeling - did a great job, under the direction of Michael Schneiders, whom some of you met when he came to speak at FCC several weeks ago. And Helen Mezzera really shepherded the idea from start to finish and acted as coordinator and host. It is amazing what people of great faith can accomplish when they do God’s work together.

Prior to the event, which was held on February 26th in our Fellowship Hall, the efforts of Holy Family had already raised over $9000 to send back to Kenya - in less than a year! This is such a worthy program, and FCC should be proud to have been able to lend its support.

Fashion Show

Let's pray for peace

Our next monthly Peace Prayer Service will be held on Monday night, March 7th at 7:00 p.m. This service is designed as an interfaith prayer service. So if you have friends who are of faiths other than Christian who are interested in gathering with spiritual people of different types of backgrounds, well invite them to attend our prayer service!

Week of Compassion

Week of Compassion is one of the six Disciples special offerings we collect each year. If you're wondering what Week of Compassion does, check out their web site www.weekofcompassion.org. There, you’ll read about the $250,000 already given for relief from the effects of the recent tsunami, and how Week of Compassion is proposing to send another $250,000 for relief, plus $500,000 for long-term recovery and rehabilitation. Week of Compassion will be observed February 20-27. Look for information about this opportunity for giving in the coming weeks.