A Year In Mission

Throughout 2023, First Christian Church Vallejo has stepped up and kept Mission donations top of mind all year! Approximately 10% of the annual budget is devoted to mission action alone! In the last year we have sent $225.00 per month to the following organizations working locally and globally on disaster relief, peace, education, and social justice issues.

*Amnesty International - Global - January
*Week of Compassion - Global - February
*Jewish Family Community Services - East Bay Area - March
*Pentecost Offering - Nationwide - April
*NAMI (National Alliance Mental Illness) - Solano County - May
*Solano Pride Center - Solano County - June
*Watch Me Grow - Vallejo - July
*Relay for Life - Nationwide - August
*Maui Food Bank - Hawaii - September
*Reconciliation Offering - Nationwide - October
*Americares - Global - November
*Vallejo Together - Vallejo - December

On top of the monthly Mission donation, as a congregation we have given $1500 in dues to Common Ground and $4800 to the Disciples Mission Fund for the regional church. Untold amounts of dollars, time, and sweat have been spent in the Garden. We donated food and goods to Amador Street Hope Center, Vallejo Peace Project, and Faith Food Fridays, and we fill our Peace Pantry weekly. We partnered with Vallejo Together to provide showers, clothing, and food to the unhoused. This December we collected a basket & box full of items to help keep the unhoused warm and dry!

In total, we have given well over $10,000 worth of money, time, goods, and helping hands.

I am in awe of the work that we do in our church, and am continually proud to be a member of such a loving community of people. Thank you to all of you and let’s go into the new year with the same drive for giving that we had last year!

-Allison Mezzera, Mission Action Coordinator