Best Global Holiday Faire ever

The Global Holiday Faire, our biggest outreach/mission project of the year, was held on December 3rd - and what a day it was! This year's faire enjoyed the largest attendance in its 8 year history and also raised more money for nonprofit organizations than it ever had before.

The Faire is a way that we 1) raise money for nonprofit organizations, in our own community and around the world; 2) raise awareness of these organizations so that the public learns who they are and what they do; and 3) raise social consciousness about the way we shop.

We host the faire, but we work with other churches in Vallejo and American Canyon to make it happen; this is an event for the entire community - it is much bigger than our own congregation. So thanks must go out to everyone who helped in whatever way they did to make it such a success: thanks to our volunteers, our donors, our shoppers, the organizations, the participating churches and choirs, and the entire community! For all the details, click here to visit the Global Holiday Faire's home page.

FCC choirHoliday Faire
Members of the church's choir sing at the Global Holiday Faire (left), where shoppers are delighted to find great gifts