April Mission Action Gift

April 20th is Earth Day, and to celebrate, the Ministry Council wanted to give our April Mission Action donation to a non-profit whose focus is local and sustainable environmental action. Sustainable Solano is the perfect recipient for this donation!

Our history with Sustainable Solano began in 2019 when our church decided to renovate the Johnson Garden. We needed help. I reached out to Sustainable Solano who was helping neighborhoods in Solano County with their community gardens. With lots of conversations and planning, they decided to perform the renovations for us! A partnership that should have only lasted 1 year, has now spread out to nearly 4 years! They help us with annual planting, use our garden for demonstrations, and are there to assist and answer questions for all our church gardeners! (Special thanks to Carl Cordes, Ted & Glenda Goode, Cheryl Patterson, and others!)

FCC Vallejo has been a Green Chalice organization since 2016. What does that mean? This means we are recognized by the Disciples Home Missions as a congregation of good stewards of God’s creation. Their mission “is to connect Christian faith, spiritual practice and creation consciousness in order to demonstrate the fullness of God’s shalom.”

Having the garden and working with Sustainable Solano is one of the big ways we demonstrate our fullness of God’s shalom. If you would like to sign up for the Sustainable Solano Newsletter or to make a separate donation, go to sustainablesolano.org


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