A Mission Action Opportunity

If you attended the last Global Holiday Faire (our 25th), you may recall the jars of homemade preserved "goodies" on the baked goods table. Fifty jars were donated by a member of Community Presbyterian Church. Those jars of preserved veggies and jams went so fast.  When we learned that the preserved food items are usually sold to their church members with the proceeds going to various charities, we couldn't help being impressed, thinking of what a wonderful ministry one church member has taken on. It is a project we would like to see us support by contributing our used glass jars for her ministry - we know that she would appreciate donations of jars to use for this ongoing project.

You will see a box at the back of the sanctuary marked JARS. Please consider donating your glass (only) jars with lids (they can't be dented); medium or large size jars would especially be helpful. Please, no jars without lids. You don't need to remove whatever labels are on them unless you want to. But do make sure they are washed and clean. Just place them in the big box and when it is full, they will be delivered.

It feels right to support another church's out-reach ministry. And it is such an easy one to support as we all buy food that come in jars. Just remember, clean glass only jars with tight fitting lids. Please consider donating to this inspiring project.