Go "Unplastic" Tip 2

For last month, this month, and the next couple of months, FCC-V's Green Chalice Ministry will provide a tip to help you to go "unplastic." It's a given that plastic bags, [PET] bottles, plastic straws, coffee stirrers, etc. are designed to be used only once and then end up in a landfill where they cannot fully break down. To continue our mission of "refuse" [that's rēfúse not réfuse] here is another hint on how to make your world more unplastic:

Ditch plastic water bottles. Get yourself a reusable water bottle or two (or more) and keep them filled with filtered water in the fridge so you have the convenience of grab-and-go when you're headed out the door. Purchasing a six-pack of 500 ml. spring water bottles can become expensive and how often do those bottles get discarded along the way or end up in the trash and not in the recyclable bin? Even if turned in for a 5¢ deposit, there are still environmental issues to deal with at the other end. Refillable bottles are easy to come by (they're frequently given away as advertising by organizations) and as mentioned above, a portable (Brita) system or an installed filtering system can provide you with all the fresh water you would want and for much cheaper all around. But most of all, think of the advantages by going even more "unplastic" by using this hint.