Winter Collection / December Gift

 In December the Monthly Mission Action donation will be sent to Vallejo Together to help their work thrive! If you would like to make an additional donation you can go to

Also, beginning on 12/3/23 and throughout the Season we will be starting our winter collection. While speaking with Vallejo Peace Project and Vallejo Together, they specified some items that get overlooked during the cold, rainy, winter months. The following items will be given to Vallejo Together for distribution at the encampments:

-Mittens / gloves/ Hats - All sizes and youth, weather resistant, new or slightly used
-Hand-Feet warmers - “Hot Hands”, etc
-Small collapsible umbrellas
-Rain boot covers - that could fit over shoes
-Moving blankets - Weather resistance. Minimum size 72” x 40”
Fights cold/rain better than household blankets!
-Tarps - Weather resistant, All Purpose. Sample sizes 9’ x 11’, 11’ x 15

Here is an Amazon list with some ideas, but you can find many of these items at Harbor Freight Tools, Lowes, Target, etc.

Please bring items to church through 12/31/23 or contact me for pick up. Thank you in advance for your contribution!


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