Mission Action Updates

Monthly Gift

The August Mission Action Gift will go to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. For many years the church has been supporting the Vallejo-Benicia Relay for Life in some way or another. For a few years in a row we had a team that would set up at the relay, walk the track, and raise money for the American Cancer Society. The last few years, while we have not had a team, many of our members have participated by going to the Relay and walking, buying raffle tickets (and winning raffles!), making luminarias, and donating to the cause. While the church will make a $200 gift, we encourage you all to hit the track and do what you can to help!

The Relay For Life runs from 9am on Saturday August 6th to 9am on Sunday August 7th at St. Patrick - St. Vincent High School in Vallejo. Food will be available for purchase throughout the entire event. Hope to see you there! Check out the event details here:

Food Pantry - TLC

Did you know that each Sunday for months, our members George and Rebecca Morris, and Amanda Trujillo, have been diligently filling the free food pantry with MRE's and snacks for our neighbors in need! Others have been stocking it every few days with toiletries, socks, and other necessities. It is a wonderful addition to our peace garden!

Now that George, Rebecca, and Amanda have moved away, it is up to us to continue the good work! I would like to form a group that will be able to keep the pantry stocked. Also, it could really use some cosmetic TLC. If you would like to help out, please let me know. I will reach out next month to set up a meeting so we can talk logistics!

Common Ground Accountability Action

As you all know this is an election year and along with it being mid-term season, we have some local races for City Council and the Solano County Board of Supervisors happening too! On October 12th (time & location tbd) we will hold an in person (fingers crossed!) Accountability Action with the candidates of the Council & Board. Here we will inform them of our agenda and ask them to work with us should they get elected. It is just another tool on our belt to building power in Vallejo! In the next few months we will be sending out invites and setting up meetings to prepare for the Action. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more info!


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