Mission Action Gifts

 Our March Mission Action gift is going to the local program Food Is Free Solano.  Their mission statement reads “We believe that food is a basic human right. Our goal is to create community, foment happiness and feed people. Everyone deserves access to nutritious, culturally relevant food.”  They operate three programs:  Food Is Free permanent and temporary food stands at numerous locations throughout the county, Park-It Market, a mobile unit bringing food directly to neighborhoods, and Solano Gleaning Initiative, where volunteers come to pick fruit that homeowners don’t want or can’t use.  Find out more (and request your trees to be gleaned!) at their website, https://foodisfreesolano.org/ .

Our April Mission Action gift will go to Ample Harvest.  This organization is a nationwide non-profit that uses technology to end food waste and hunger, reduce malnutrition and help the environment in America by educating and empowering millions of home/community gardeners to easily find a local food pantry eager for their surplus garden bounty.  Ample Harvest envisions an America where millions of gardeners eliminate the hunger, malnutrition and the waste of food, in their own community.  They also help those who need food to find local food resources.  Find out more (and learn where to donate your own excess produce!) at their website, https://ampleharvest.org/ .


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