Common Ground Update

The Covid-19 pandemic has inflicted a toll on Vallejo’s people and economy, and is revealing the underlying disparities in our society. Across California, African-Americans, Latinos, and Asian-Pacific Islanders have double the mortality rate of white residents. People living in the poorest neighborhoods have a mortality rate that is four times that of people living in the wealthiest neighborhoods. Common Ground's conversations with the community paint a familiar picture: these groups are more likely to have to work outside the home to survive, and are more likely to be forced to live in crowded housing, and to have underlying health conditions.

These factors reflect our society’s historic disinvestment in institutions and services that support the well-being of marginalized groups, and communities of color, as well as decades of discrimination that have kept these groups, especially African-Americans, from gaining wealth. Violence, including at the hands of police, is part of this picture.

In dozens of meetings and conversations over the last month, Common Ground has been hearing from residents spanning Solano and Napa Counties racial and economic diversity. While funds for basic services are desperately needed in this time of Covid-19, many residents are also feeling a lack of trust in city government, especially in the police department. 

So we are stepping into action. Along with continuing to hear stories from the community, the Covid Team is making suggestions to Solano County on how the $46 million CARES Act should be past. And the Public Safety Team is meeting with the Vallejo Police Chief, County Supervisors, City Council members, and community activists to gather info from them and to tell them what our community wants from our Public Servants.

Upcoming Events:
Public Safety Team Meeting 7/28/20 6pm - 7:30pm
Covid-19 Response Team Meeting 7/29/20 6pm - 7:30pm
Public Safety Civic Academy ACTION 8/17/20 Time TBD


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