Go "Unplastic" Tip 1

Vallejo resident Kathryn Kellogg has published a book titled, 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste, which is well-worth the read. Consider: "Straws or coffee stirrers and (PET) bottles are only designed to be used once. Then you throw them away and plastic can't fully break down." We've all heard of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - notice that Recycle is third on the list as even it too provides problems to the environment - but let's add Refuse to that (that's Rēfúse not Réfuse). "The best thing is to refuse single-use plastics as much as possible. Bring a sustainable alternative - whether it's a reusable bottle or reusable or paper straws."

Each month for the next five, the FCC Green Chalice Ministry will share a tip with you to help you go "unplastic!" The May tip is simple: When you go shopping at Safeway, Target, Walmart, etc., etc., DO NOT ASK FOR A PLASTIC BAG. Carry a supply of your own reusable cloth bags in your car. Even when you are going on vacation, take compact reusable bags with you and use them while away. Stores are required to charge you for their plastic bags and the petroleum-based bags (polypropylene) tend to end up in landfills where their life expectancy is 1000 years before they fully decompose! That's two reasons to carry your own multi-use bags: cost and environmental damage. Plus, your own reusable bags are sturdier and hold more than the plastic bags. And you can have fun finding or decorating your own personable reusable bags. So go "unplastic" immediately. 


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