Green Chalice Update

We at First Christian Church are part of the Green Chalice Ministries to help save the environment. It is important to remember that even a small change in habits can make a BIG difference in our environmental protection! Here are a few suggestions from the Green Chalice Ministries:

        1. Washing laundry in warm (rather than hot) or cold (rather than warm) water.
2. Waiting to wash until the laundry basket is full.
3. Cut shower time by 5 minutes.
4. Buy ecofriendly light bulbs next time.
5. Turn off lights if you're the last one out of any room.
6. Take a reusable container to restaurants for left-overs.
7. Use gray water for plants. (tip – put a bucket in the shower with you)
8. Get yourself a reusable water bottle.


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