Diaper Collection

At our Region's annual Women's Retreat (Sept. 22-24 at the Mission Springs Conference Center in Scotts Valley, CA), those gathered for the retreat are collecting diapers, baby wipes and diaper rash cream and ointment for mothers in need.  Diapers are not covered by the food stamp programs that low income people receive.  This becomes a barrier when they are looking for work, because you have to have diapers to put kids in daycare.  If you don't have enough diapers, you can't put your child in daycare, then you can't go out to interview for a job.  It is part of a cycle that keeps people down.  Diapers are a daily necessity that families with little ones can't live without.  So, this is a very worthy Mission Action effort for the Retreat.  We at First Christian Church, Vallejo will be actively participating in this program as we will be collecting the items donated by our members from August through mid-September to send with one of our members who is attending the retreat.


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