Recent Mission Efforts

Wow!  Thanks to the generosity of our congregation, a total of $436 was collected during February for "Week of Compassion," with that money being sent to the national office to support The Disciples of Christ's efforts along our borders to assist refugee children trying to find families in the United States.  Our congregation really makes a difference!

Also, Blanket Sunday was a huge success!  Our goal was to raise enough money for 25 blankets.  We surpassed that.  Including the $100 for our monthly Mission Action gift, we are sending in donations to cover 43 blankets!  We don't know who will receive our blankets, or where in the world they will be sent, but we do know that they will go to those who are in need of them.  The timing of this Outreach effort turned out to be very fortuitous in light of the recent earthquake in Nepal.  Church World Service's disaster relief efforts (including Blanket Sunday) go to help people in need all around the world when a tragedy like this earthquake strikes.

Church World Service also works through CROP to relieve hunger and poverty in the world.  On April 25th, several of our members participated in the annual Vallejo CROP Hunger Walk (which we also sponsor and help organize) to raise money for CROP as well as four local agencies working to end hunger in our own community.  While the final amount raised has not yet been calculated (more donations continue to come in!), we know that the Hunger Walks over the past several years have raised over $46,000 for CROP and after this year's walk, we are confident that number will be over $50,000!


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