FCC Vallejo Continues Partnership with the Amador Street Hope Center

The Amador Street Hope Center (click HERE for more info) is a non-profit organization started by our friends at the First Church of the Nazarene. It has multiple programs helping those in need, including food distribution and counseling services. We have been proud to help the Hope Center in its ministry to the Vallejo community in a number of ways, most notably in our weekly canned food collection which is donated to the Hope Center. Much of the food that we grow in our Johnson Ranch Garden is donated to the Hope Center as well. In fact, the newest batch of produce - in this case potatoes - has recently been planted in the garden and we look forward to a bountiful harvest later this year. The Nazarene Church and the Hope Center are also participants in our annual Ecumenical Global Holiday Faire. Last year's Faire raised $800 for the Hope Center. The Hope Center is also a participant in the annual Vallejo Hunger Walk which our church helps to sponsor to raise money for hungry people in our community and around the world. Caroline Gaskins, FCC Vallejo's Co-Mission Action Coordinator and a Hope Center volunteer recently spearheaded an effort to collect baby clothes for mothers in need. After the success of that effort, Caroline has recently announced a new project to collect business attire for those who are looking for jobs, but don't have appropriate clothes to wear to a job interview. This is an important mission as so many people are looking for work and can't afford luxuries like a new suit when they are having trouble paying for basic necessities like food. There are many needs in our community and our support for The Amador Street Hope Center is one of the ways that our church is working to meet those needs.


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